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Knitted Cotton Red 'Hug Me' Lumbar Cushion Cover

Knitted Cotton Red 'Hug Me' Lumbar Cushion Cover


 0 Review(s)

Knitted Cotton Red 'Hug Me' Lumbar Cushion Cover

Sale Price: £15.60

Vendor Limelyght
Product ID V34-10101110842100
Price £15.60
Weight 0.16 kg
Shipping by Limelyght
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Items in stock 15
Condition New
Return and Refund Policy This product cannot be returned or refunded.
Brought to you by LimeLyght and crafted by talented North Indian artisans, this knitted cushion cover is a picture of sheer elegance and sophistication, perfect for contemporary living spaces. Featuring a quote against a soothing color hue and adorned with tassels, this offering exudes elegance. It also features a concealed zip closure for convenience. Knitting in Jaipur is a popular craft, primarily because of the extreme temperatures. A skill passed down from a mother to her daughter, it is common to see the women of the family engaging in the craft, dexterously manoeuvring loops of yarn with their hands. Knitting is a versatile craft, known to render a host of patterns with its myriad stitches. Sprinkled with charms, this offering is certain to bring a fragment of raw serenity to contemporary homes!
Color : Red
Production Method : Knitting
Hidden Details : Concealed zip closure
Material Description : 100% Cotton
Size (L x B x H) : 20x12x0 Inches
Weight : 164g
Care Description : Machine wash at 30°C. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Cool iron if required. Comb the tassels after wash to retain the look
Disclaimer : Every handmade product is unique. Minor variations in pattern, color and appearance are a part of the handmade charm | This product is made using cotton, so there may be minor inherent color and design variations, lending exclusivity to each offering, making every product one-of-a-kind
Pack Contents : 1 Cushion Cover

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